About us

Internationalization: a strategic choise

The Company

Prometeo was born in 2001 as Italian company focused on consultancy services for enterprises. In response to the growing request, over the years it specialized in the research and in the creation of commercial networks abroad. Thanks to the long experience in contact with companies, Prometeo developed a wide know-how, supported by a strong operative team.


Prometeo’s mission is to give to Italian companies a real opportunity to compare themselves to foreign markets, to create and develop export channels. This process is supported by the Export Business Manager who helps enterprises till they are able to manage independently all the internationalization activities. Prometeo always looks for new internationalization solutions and processes, in order to give to companies all the tools they need for the improvement of their business in other countries.


Prometeo supports Italian companies to export, thanks to a 360 degrees service focused on managing and commercial consultancy. Through the creation of networks abroad, Prometeo is able to spread Italian enterprises’ business in international markets.

Prometeo for the companies

Prometeo supports Italian companies along the internationalization process, enhancing SMEs’ strong points and reducing their weakness. Thanks to its complete analysis and consultancy services, Prometeo’s team is able to identify target market, objectives, distribution channels, to plan and to develop the best strategy to spread companies’ business in new countries or to reinforce their presence abroad. Prometeo put Italian enterprises in contact with several important institutions based in countries that record a high level in foreign trade with the aim of establishing business relationships that can support and improve commercial interchanges between Italian and foreign companies. Prometeo, for example, is in partnership with the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong and Macao. Prometeo is accredited by Italian Ministry of Economic Development and by Lombardy Region as company provider of internationalization services and for export management (Export Business Manager).